Master Course Schedule (Online Classes)

Please Note:  If a course states that it is offered on odd or even years, this will be based on the starting date of the semester offered.  For example, a course offered “spring semester even years” would run Jan-May 2018, 2020, 2022, etc.  A course offered “fall semester, odd years would run Aug-Dec of 2017, 2019, 2021, etc.) 

Online Course Offerings

TADT 2100     Impact of Technology (2 Cr) Fall and Spring Semester

TADT 3100     Principles of Professional Development (3 Cr) Fall Semester

TADT 3111     Project Management Methodology (3 Cr) Fall & Summer Semester

TADT 3112     Leadership in Team Environment (3 Cr) Spring Semester even years

TADT 3217     Materials Science & Metallurgy (3 Cr) Spring Semester odd years & Summer even years

TADT 3267     Cost & Economic Analysis (3 Cr) Fall Semester

TADT 3537     Industrial Design & Innovation (3 Cr) Summer odd years, Spring Semester even years.

TADT 3700     Operations Planning & Control (3 CR) Summer Semester

TADT 3885     Technical Sales, Service & Training (3 Cr) Spring Semester

TADT 3887     Safety & Risk Management (3 Cr) Spring Semester

TADT 3970     Internship (1-2 Cr) at the discretion of the Dept. Chair

TADT 4385    Sustainability and Emerging Technologies (3 Cr) Fall Semester

TADT 4873     Emphasis Related Capstone (3 Cr) Spring Semester

TADT 4867     Lean Principles & Practices (3 Cr) Spring Semester, odd years

TADT 4875     Facilities Management (3 Cr) Spring Semester

TADT 4878     Quality Assurance (3 Cr) Spring Semester

TADT4879      Service Process/ Improvement (3 Cr) Summer Semester

TADT 4880     Total Quality Management (3 Cr) Summer Odd Years

TADT 4970     Internships (1-12 Credits) at the discretion of the Dept. Chair