Operations Management

Help businesses run efficiently.

A company’s profitability often boils down to a simple business model. They need to produce and deliver a high quality product that satisfies the client’s needs, in as little time, and with as little expense, as possible.  In essence, our graduates make organizations more productive by streamlining facilities, processes, schedules, and resources.

You will take courses where you will learn to plan, create and manage systems, and analyze productivity. You will gain an understanding of strategies to produce high quality products or services to meet the needs of the marketplace.  You will study safety and risk management, lean principles, leadership, quality assurance, technical sales, training, sustainability, and cost analysis.

Wall Street mandates that businesses need to run as efficiently as possible.  They are looking for managers to lead business and industry into the next millennium.  A degree in Operations Management prepares you to take on these challenges.

Why Operations Management?

  • Top Operations Managers earn a very high income.
  • You will be making decisions that shape the future of manufacturing.
  • You’ll never have a boring day!
  • Operations managers have numerous opportunities in the growing service industry.

Career Paths & Median Income

  • Operations Manager/ $119,000
  • Industrial Production Manager/$93,940
  • Process Improvement Manager/ $79,000
  • Manufacturing Manager/ $82,000

(www.payscale.com or U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics)

Career Outlook

There are many career opportunities for Bemidji State University Technology, Art, and Design graduates. Most Operations Management graduates find employment in their field within the first year of graduation. For more information visit Career Outlooks at career services.

More Information

Program Coordinator

Please contact Dr. Mahmoud Al-Odeh to discuss your degree options and learn more about the program.