Product Development

Build the first one!

In 1902 3M began with just one product.  Today’s 3M is responsible for 60,000 products used in homes, businesses, schools, hospitals and more.  Yet, one third of 3M’s sales come from products that were invented within the past five years. To grow, companies need to introduce new products, and they need product developers.

Product developers move new products from concept to prototype to production.  They create functional, aesthetically pleasing, efficiently manufactured, well tested, new products to fulfil their customer’s needs or wants.  Product developers generate design sketches and complex 3D drawings, perform product analysis, determine production feasibility, and create models and prototypes, all while embracing integrated manufacturing principles.

Today, it costs more than ever to bring a new product to market.  Trained product developers offer industry the opportunity to lessen production and development costs, while increasing the chances for success.

Earn your degree in Project Management-Product Development today, and become one of the team members driving industrial development.

Why Product Development?

  • A constant supply of new products ensures job security.
  • Nearly 3.5 million manufacturing jobs will likely during the next decade.
  • You’ll never have a boring day!
  • Industry benefit packages are better than most.
  • Good wages.

Career Paths/Income

  • Project Manager/ $70,000
  • Industrial Designers/ $67,000
  • Product Development Manager/$109,000

(Median Income, or

Career Outlook

There are many career opportunities for Bemidji State University Technology, Art, and Design graduates. Most product development graduates find employment in their field within the first year of graduation. For more information visit Career Outlooks at career services.

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