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Natalia Himmirska

Associate Professor

Technology, Art & Design

Office: BE 129

Phone: (218) 755-3740

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Artist Statement:

Time is my constant theme . . . To me, time is that magical substance that dissolves, rebuilds and combines the world in otherwise unimaginable combinations.

I follow the path of centuries of art I love and the artists who created those works. It was they who created the mysteries of technique that challenge me, intrigue and inspire me. I try to merge aesthetics and techniques from different eras, places and styles into a synthesis expressed in contemporary visual language. Mixing different techniques in a single work continues my search for a new manner of expression.

My paintings are the palette of memories, fantasy, feelings, references, and associations that cross time and place. In that invented space and time which is the painting, a new reality is born. Yet the questions remain:
What is the difference and the sameness between yesterday, today and tomorrow? How do we divide or unite them? Is there any border in reality? How close is perceived reality to images on canvas? Can the life of an artist be reborn through a new brush in a new hand? I explore in an environment of fantasy and metaphor, trying to cross artificial boundaries and unify all the influences and beauty that surround me

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