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What Works Well in Online Teaching

[Takes you to the 11-page PDF document developed by members of the Minnesota State Faculty Development Committee]

• A description of effective practices specific to instruction delivered online (online or blended/hybrid courses).
• Guidance for new and experienced online or hybrid/blended instructors.
• An opportunity for reflection and dialogue about online teaching.
• An opportunity to align online courses or course components with shared standards of best practice and instructional design principles.

course design sites in D2L

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The from ON-CAMPUS to ONLINE site is organized to compare the elements of the on-campus class to the online class.  This understanding can make it easier for you to move from teaching in a traditional classroom to teaching online.  The site also includes information to help you create an effective online environment for your students.

eLearning Online Course Review & Certificate

The purpose of the eLearning Online Course Review & Certificate site is to help you evaluate your online courses to make sure that they are engaging, well designed, and provide effective educational experiences for your students.

The main focus of this site is the review of your online courses leading to certification.  The review is a formative process designed to support the continuous improvement of your online courses.  The review will help determine what parts of your online courses already meet design standards and what parts may need more work. The course review is self-paced based on your schedule.

NOTE: There is also an option for completing a self review of your courses.

Check out the Course Design Composite RUBRIC with SUGGESTIONS


The purpose of the REFRESH YOUR ONLINE COURSES site is to help you make your online courses even better than they already are. You can also use this site to help you complete the review of your online courses.

The REFRESH YOUR ONLINE COURSES site has modules that focus on the essential elements of effective course design. The module headings correspond to the broad standards listed in the composite RUBRIC that is used in the eLearning Online Course Review & Certificate site.


THE READING ROOM is a professional development site in D2L that includes articles available on topics of interest to educators.  THE READING ROOM will continue to grow as new information becomes available. You are encouraged to let Julie Adams know if there are topics of interest not already included in THE READING ROOM.  You can send her articles that you have found interesting (as Word documents or PDFs with sufficient information to cite the articles).

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