D2L Brightspace Information

D2L Brightspace (D2L) is the learning management system used at Bemidji State University.  Faculty can create the “classroom” environment for their totally online and hybrid classes or use D2L to supplement on-campus classes. Within D2L, instructors can upload course content (e.g., the syllabus, schedule, Word documents, PowerPoints,  PDF files, etc.), create discussion boards for encouraging class participation, create quizzes and exams, provide Assignment folders to accept student files, and maintain the grade book for the class.  Instructors can also create Announcements to get students started, to provide reminders, and to announce any changes to the class.


Faculty and students login to D2L Brightspace using their StarID and StarID password. Their are two ways to Login:

There is a D2L Knowledge Support site within Office 365/SharePoint.  Please save the site in your browser bookmarks  (https://mnscu.sharepoint.com/sites/D2Lsupport).

Site Login Credentials: The D2L Support site requires StarID credentials to log into Office 365/SharePoint.

* Must use minnstate.edu (not your campus domain).

For users who do not have StarID credentials, please go to our Minnesota State IMS public webpage to view select Knowledge Articles (e.g. FAQs) and related information.

Common D2L Tools
Tool Description
Announcements Located on the Course Home page, the Announcements tool allows you to post messages that your students will see when they enter the class.
Assignments The Assignments tool provides a convenient way for students to electronically submit assignments. You can then leave feedback and enter scores.
Chat The Chat tool allows you to communicate with class members synchronously (at the same time).
Checklist The Checklist tool allows you to provide your students with a list of course requirements. Students can then check off’ each assignment as it is completed.
Classlist The Classlist provides a list of teachers and students currently enrolled in a class. It can be used to send email and to check student progress in the class.
Content The Content tool allows you to post and organize learning materials for your students.
Discussions The Discussions tool can be used to help develop a community of learners in your course. Instructors and students interact with one another by posting messages to discussion topics, reading messages, and replying to messages posted by others.
Glossary The Glossary tool allows you to store terms and their definitions.
Grades The Grades tool allows you to set up an online gradebook.
Instant Messages The Instant Messages tool allows you and your students to send short text messages.
Links The Links tool allows you to provide students with easy access to online resources.
Quizzes The Quizzes tool allows you to create a variety of assessments for your students.
Surveys The Surveys tool is similar to the Quizzes tool and allows you to create surveys for your students.