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Basic Navigation Tutorial
Basic Navigation Video

Fundamentals 1 Tutorial
Fundamentals 1 Video

Fundamentals 2 Tutorial
Fundamentals 2 Video

Basic Tutorials and Videos

Asterisk (*) indicates commonly used tools

*Announcements Announcements Tutorial
Announcements Video
*Assignments Assignments Tutorial
Assignments Video
Assignments-Annotations in Grading Webinar
Assignments Special Access Tutorial
Assignments-iPad Assignment Grader App Tutorial
Assignments – Student Feedback Tutorial
Assignments-Student Feedback Video
Assignments with Turnitin Tutorial
Assignments with Turnitin Video
Assignments-Turnitin GradeMark Scores Tutorial
Assignments-Group Assignments Tutorial
Assignments-Group Assignments Video
Attendance Attendance Tutorial
Attendance Video
Awards Awards Tutorial
Awards Video
Calendar Calendar Tutorial
Calendar Video
Setting Dates for Discussions, Quizzes and Assignments Tutorial
Chat Chat Tutorial
Chat Video
Checklist Checklist Tutorial
Checklist Video
Class Progress Class Progress Tutorial
Class Progress Video
*Classlist Classlist Tutorial
Classlist VideoClasslist and Email Webinar Aug 2019
*Content Content Tutorial
Content Video
Content-Export a Course
Content-Copy Content from another D2L shell Tutorial
Dates Start and End Dates of D2L Shells
Dates for Discussions, Quizzes, Assignments, and Content
Manage Dates Webinar Aug 2019
*Discussions Discussions Tutorial
Discussions Video
Discussions-Grade Discussion with Rubric Video
Discussions-Group Discussions Tutorial
Discussions-Group Discussions Video
Discussions-Grade Group Discussion with Rubric Video
Discussions-Private Individual Restricted Topics Video
Evaluations Faculty and Course Evaluations: See Survey section below
FAQ FAQ Tutorial
FAQ Video
*Grades Grades Tutorial 
Grades Video
Grades Weighted Tutorial
Grades Weighted Video
Grades-Extra Credit Tutorial
Grades-Release Final Grade Tutorial
Grades-Release Final Grade Video
Grades-Export Grades Tutorial
Grades-Import Grades from Scantron File Tutorial
Grades-Import Grades from D2L into eServices Tutorial
Groups Intro to Groups Tutorial
Intro to Groups Webinar
Assessing Group Discussions and Assignments Tutorial
Assessing Group Discussions and Assignments Webinar

Additional tutorials and videos on Groups available under Assignments and Discussions

Intelligent Agents Intelligent Agents Tutorial
Intelligent Agents Video
Glossary Glossary Tutorial
Glossary Video
Links Links Tutorial
Links Video
My Courses My Courses Tutorial
My Courses-How to find and pin courses Video
Office 365 Office 365 Tutorial
Office 365 Video
*Quizzes Quizzes Tutorial
Quizzes Video
Quizzes-Special Access Tutorial
Quizzes-Grading Essay Questions OR Re-Grading Questions Tutorial
Quizzes-Adding Feedback to Questions Video
Quizzes-In Progress Quizzes Tutorial
Quizzes-Randomized Tutorial
Quizzes-Publisher Test Banks Tutorial
Quizzes-Publisher Test Banks VideoQuiz Import Webinar Aug 2019
Respondus Webinar Aug 2019
Respondus-Importing Word Quizzes to D2L Tutorial
Respondus-Test Banks Tutorial
Respondus-Retrieve questions from D2L to file for printing Tutorial 
Respondus-Retrieve questions from D2L to file for printing Video
Rubrics Rubrics Tutorial
Rubrics Video
Getting Started with Rubrics Webinar
Grading with Rubrics Webinar
Seating Chart Seating Chart Tutorial
Seating Chart Video
Surveys Surveys Tutorial
Surveys Video
Survey Instructions and Preview of Evaluation of Faculty And Course
Zip file: Click to download Evaluation Faculty And Course file for import into D2L shell
Video Assignment Video Assignment Tutorial
Video Assignment Video
Video Assignment-Students Tutorial
Video Assignment-Students Video
Virtual Classroom Virtual Classroom Tutorial
Virtual Classroom Video
Virtual Classroom-Advanced Tutorial
Virtual Classroom-Advanced Video
Virtual Classroom-Students Tutorial

Asterisk (*) indicates commonly used tools