Staff & Services

eLearning Support Staff & Services

Julie Adams                       Beth Jensen
Educational Developer        Lead D2L Administrator
218-755-4219                      218-755-4217

Brian Jambor                    Dawn Pepper
Educational Technology     Graduate Assistant
218-755-2056                    218-755-4218

Course Development and Course Design Support
  • Supports faculty in the development of online courses using current, research-based design standards; adult learning theory; evidence-based teaching strategies that are innovative and engaging, particularly those with a focus on authentic, real-world learning experiences.
  • Supports faculty in the design of the online course environment in D2L based on Quality Matters standards.
  • “Course Design for Online Courses” – a site in D2L to help faculty prepare their online course environment. Can also be used to prepare an online or blended course for a QM Course Review.
  • Collaborates with members of the Quality Matters Team to (1) provide support for faculty before and during the Quality Matters review process and to (2) notify faculty about QM & MOQI workshops & webinars, certificate programs, and conferences.
  • “Collaborative Online Course Review” – a facilitated D2L site designed to help faculty evaluate and modify (if necessary) their online course environment in preparation for a Quality Matters review.
D2L Brightspace Training and Support (on-campus & online)
  • Tutorials and Videos:
  • Faculty and Staff Orientation site in D2L (can self-register if not already enrolled)
    Workshops, open labs, one-on-one training, & demonstrations – in the eLearning Support Center located in the Library 236, or in your office.
  • Notifications of workshops, training sessions, and meetings, as well as updates related to D2L.
  • Just-in-time support (answering your questions related to D2L) – by phone or email OR in the eLearning Support Center.
  • Individual assistance – for moving on-campus courses to the online environment in D2L, including instructional design and basic course (environment) design support.
  • Support for D2L sites for other uses such as advising, training, organizations, collaboration, etc.
Educational Technology Support
  • EdTech website
  • Providing tools, training, and support for teaching/learning goals through the use of technologies.
  • Consulting with departments and faculty about new teaching, learning and technology projects and tools.
  • Cultivating communication and collaboration among departments, faculty and staff through programs like “Words with Nerds.”
  • Supporting existing software and programs that enhance teaching: online meeting and collaboration tools, MediaSpace video recording, storage and streaming, captioning, creating online audio, video and narrated PowerPoint (Adobe Presenter, Panopto) lectures for playback in D2L Brightspace, plus others…
  • Evaluating new academic technologies for teaching/learning and sharing knowledge.