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DLiTE Program
Bemidji State University
ARCC - Coon Rapids Campus
11200 Mississippi Blvd. NW #H-137
Coon Rapids, MN  55433

Phone: (800) 723-3567
Direct: (763) 433-1484
Fax: (763) 433- 1485


Finding a Mentor

One of the great aspects of the DLiTE program is the use of a Teacher Mentor Support System for our student teachers. Each student is required to choose a K-6 Teacher Mentor currently teaching in a public school with at least three years experience to support them throughout their DLiTE learning experience.  Click HERE to view our tutorial and tip sheet for finding a teacher mentor

The mentor teacher with whom you will work must be licensed in the area in which you are seeking licensure. For instance, if you are seeking a K-6 license, your mentor needs to be licensed K-6. If you are seeking a 9-12 Chemistry license, your mentor neesd a 9-12 Chemistry license. If you are seeking a K-12 SPED license, your mentor needs that license.  The mentor's license number will be required on the Mentor Application.

Thinking of becoming a mentor?

To learn more, take a look at our Online Mentor Orientation.

We are looking for teacher mentor and principal teams to give the student support during the semester. The principal will have no responsibilities other than to sign the application and participate in one short interview during their Practicum.  Both the mentor and the principal will be considered part of our team.

The Teacher Mentor Responsibilities are:

  • Occasionally administer tests to student.

  • Give us feedback with concerns or accomplishments of student's progress or questions about the program through participation in discussions via facebook.  An email to will always get to the right person for your questions or concerns apart from the open discussions.

  • Provide, or assist in locating, observation and practicum venues for pre-service teacher candidate to practice teach. This might be in the Mentor's classroom or another classroom in the community. You do not arrange, you only suggest.  The hours of observations are usually 20 hours the first semester and 8-15 hours thereafter.  Student teaching is done in the student's final semester and we will assign the school and teacher supervisor.
  • Act as a coach and mentor as needed, answering questions posed by the student regarding experiences with certain key elements of successful pedagogy such as how to motivate students, differentiating instruction, and the school's testing results.

  • Your estimated commitment per semester, after the first semester, will vary between 2-4 hours per month.  Teacher Mentors will be paid $100 stipend per semester, per student, and can earn graduate credits or CEU's as requested.

Mentor Resources

Mentors give us feedback with concerns or accomplishments of student's progress or questions about the program through participation in discussions via facebook.  View our Facebook Site to learn more about us and how you will participate int he discussions!  

Mentors receive a stipend each semester for mentoring our DLiTE and FasTrack Students upon completing the Mentor Responsibilites.  Print this stipend form and mail the completed and signed form directly to:  Angela Casper, Bemidji State University, Center for Extended Learning - Mentor Stipend - Deputy Hall #4, 1500 Birchmont Drive NE, Bemidji, MN  56601  

For other mentor questions and who to contact, please print our PEDL Mentor Problem Solvers.