Field Representative Guidelines

The Graduate Project and Presentation Proposal Approval Form must be completed by each student seeking an Applied Master’s degree at Bemidji State University. Each student is responsible for:

  1. Initiating communication with the assigned advisor to ensure that the correct process for completing the proposal is followed.
  2. Acquiring the specific guidelines associated with the written proposal for presentation of the capstone experience.
  3. Becoming familiar with the guidelines that apply to the area of study and discussing questions related to the guidelines with the advisor.
  4. Meeting with the advisor on a regular basis at mutually agreed upon times.
  5. Selecting an Oral Presentation Committee (includes advisor). Each committee must consist of:
    1. at least two BSU graduate faculty members, one of whom must be from a department other than the department hosting the graduate program;
    2. a BSU approved professional in the field. The student is responsible for securing a résumé from the field representative;
    3. a final committee approval determined by the department hosting the program and the College Dean.
  6. Obtaining the necessary form(s) from the School of Graduate Studies and provide copies of all required paperwork.
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