Student Spotlight


Carson Dumonceaux, a BSU student majoring in Nursing and minoring in Psychology, decided to join the honors program to dive further into her education and to get the best academic experience. Carson thinks the most beneficial part of the honors program is broadening her range of knowledge, gaining experience working with others, taking on leadership roles, and challenging herself academically. She is excited to see how the honors program will help her in her future nursing career and to stand out when applying to Nurse Practitioner programs! 


Alyson Sveeggen, a BSU student majoring in Secondary English Education as well as Creative Writing and English, decided to join the honors program to try new things and spend time with her roommate. The most beneficial part of the honors program for Alyson was learning how to do Annotated Bibliographies, for her major she was often able to do these as extra credit for general level classes. She also appreciated that the honors program was able to take care of some of the courses she would have had to take in the goal areas early on in her college career. Her advice to future honors students is to know that the honors program is a close-knit group of people who are friendly and willing to help the younger students! 


Sarah Faust, a BSU student majoring in Criminal Justice with an emphasis in Corrections as well as minoring in Substance and Behavior Addictions, is grateful for her time spent in the honors program.

She joined after her advisor noticed her school performance and suggested that this program would fit her well.

She most enjoys how the courses challenge her to think at a deeper level and the studying habits that she has gained because of them. Her advice to future honor students is to think about their capstone or thesis early in the program to give themselves a head start! 


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