Honors Program students take 3-4 HOPR 3700 seminar classes on their path to graduation. The course descriptions for the 2021-2022 academic year follow:


Fall 21 HONORS SEMINAR: Information and You, 3 credit hours

Course ID 224105, HOPR 3700-01, T/H 2:00 – 3:15, HSH 108, Colleen Deel

We live in a society that runs on information. In this class, we will approach information not just as something to find, use, and create, but as something to be studied. We will learn to become more aware of the systems and structures encompassing information in society and its effects on us as citizens and budding scholars. To do so, we will explore the recent history of information trends, including the digital turn, big data, algorithms, and the information economy. We will also examine how information is organized and contained, and who does this organizing, to help us discover ways these structures shape cultural understandings. By learning about information practices as a content area, we will become more adept at finding, using, and creating new information.

Spring 22 HONORS SEMINAR: Extra-terrestrial Life, 3 credit hours

Course ID 225507, HOPR 3700-01, T/H 12:30 – 1:45, Oak Hall Room 1, Ashik Shafi

This course will discuss how science is understood, discussed and debated in popular media. Scientists and the process of science have been greatly dramatized in mass media with representation of scientists as fighter, hero, genius, and superhuman. Many scientific topics, such as alien life, cancer research, natural disasters or breakthroughs in technologies are also topics of numerous films, TV series, and talk shows. Whereas the ordinary public may not have the expertise to understand science, they get to know and form opinions about such topics through mass media. This class will discuss the (mis)representation of science topics in mass and social media, practices of science journalism and writing, and look at how portrayal of science affects subsequent governmental policies and public opinion.

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