Honors scholars at Bemidji State University are encouraged to design their own program of study in consultation with their Honors advisor.

Honors scholars have more flexibility in fulfilling Liberal Education requirements; in addition to taking a wide variety of courses both in the major and other areas, they participate in several specially-designed Honors courses. However, an Honors scholar is not required to take more courses than students who are not enrolled in the Honors Program.

Advising note:

During the freshman and sophomore year, Honors scholars are advised by faculty on the Honors Council. Once Honors scholars have declared majors (normally at the end of their sophomore year), they are advised by the faculty in their area of specialization.

Honors scholars must maintain a 3.00 grade point average in their first two years college work and 3.25 grade point average for the remaining years. Honors scholars must also make regular progress toward the completion of the required interdisciplinary Honors courses and Honors core requirements. The Honors Council will consider requests for substitutions or exemptions on a case-by-case basis.


Students who do not register through their approved Honors Council advisor technically do not have their programs approved by the Honors Council and may encounter difficulties in fulfilling Honors Program requirements. As Honors scholars, students are entitled to early pre-registration.