Honors Program students take 3-4 HOPR 3700 seminar classes on their path to graduation. The course descriptions for the 2022-2023 academic year follow:


Spring 23 HONORS SEMINAR: Gilgamesh to Wonder Woman: Heroism Across Cultures and Disciplines, 3 credit hours

Course ID 236182, HOPR 3700-01, W 4:00 – 6:40, Bangsberg 218, Stephen Hamrick

An interdisciplinary study of the development of heroism from the ancient to modern periods. In addition to primary texts, including drama, novel, poetry, film, television, and graphic novels, students will read secondary/critical works in literary criticism, history, philosophy, psychology, and sociology. Issues surrounding sexuality and sexual orientation, community, class, race, and gender will remain central to course inquiry. Active class participation, two essays, an oral report, and short written responses required.

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