Program and Course Requirements

Liberal Education Requirements

Honors Program students will complete liberal education goal areas 1 – 6 within the Liberal Education Program.

Many potential Honors Program students enter BSU with this requirement partially completed due to PSEO, AP classes, and similar programs.

Honors Program Requirements

The following requirements replace liberal education goal areas 7 – 11 for students accepted into the Honors Program.


Designed to support students’ transition into the Honors Program at BSU, this course establishes the core academic skills, social competencies, and values that enable students to excel within the university and Honors community. The seminar’s goal is to enhance and enrich the student experience so that students may develop a sense of citizenry and derive the maximum benefit from the intellectual and social opportunities of college life. Students will learn to: create an annotated bibliography; find good resources; and identify bias and/or recognize subjectivity. Honors academic advising is highlighted. Required of first-semester Honors Program students.
Common Course Outline

HOPR 3700 Honors Seminar (9 credits required, 3 classes)

Exploration of a single topic from a wide-variety of disciplinary and interdisciplinary perspectives in a seminar environment. Repeatable (with different topics) for 12 credits for Honor’s Program students. Prerequisite(s): HOPR 1190 or permission of Honors Director.
Common Course Outline

3000 or 4000 elective, outside of your major OR additional HOPR 3700 Course (3 credits, 1 class)

You will take one 3-credit upper level elective of your choice. Please choose an elective outside your major requirements. If you have questions, consult with the Honors Program Director before registration. Prerequisite(s): Prerequisites may vary depending on the elective you choose. ALTERNATIVE: You may take one additional HOPR 3700 class with a different topic instead of the elective.

HOPR 3899 Capstone Preparation (1 credit, Independent study)

Each student plans an Honor’s Capstone project, arranges to work with a faculty advisor, develops an annotated bibliography, generates a proposal, and engages in the work of creating and executing the Capstone Project. Proposals are reviewed for approval by the Honor’s Council. While the timeline may vary depending on the needs of the student and the kind of Capstone Project, the suggested timeline is to enroll in HOPR 3899 within a year of expected graduation date. Prerequisite: Honors Program student, 6-credit hours of HOPR 3700 or permission of Director.
Common Course Outline

HOPR 4899 Capstone Presentation (1 credit, In person class or independent study)

Upon completion of the Honors Capstone Project, graduating students meet as a class to prepare and deliver formal presentations to the Honors and campus communities. Prerequisite: Honors Program student, HOPR 3899. Students generally enroll in HOPR 4899 in spring of the senior year.
Common Course Outline


Honors community members are expected to attend at least two Honors Program lectures each semester and write a short reflection after each.

Honors Learning community and social events

Each year the Honors Program hosts a number of special and social events for our community members. We gain the most from this community when we are active together. You are encouraged to attend as many Program events as your schedule allows for!