Why should I enter the Honors Program?

Honors scholars build confidence that they can be whatever they decide to be. In a competitive job market, that confidence can be the deciding factor during an interview. Of course, the permanent notation on your transcript that you are an Honors Program graduate will also be a significant asset when you begin your job search or apply to graduate school.

The Honors Program is for students who wish to cultivate their curiosity. The program is rigorous and intended to help you develop flexible, independent, and creative ways of thinking. Because of the interdisciplinary nature of the Honors Program, Honors scholars are prepared to make decisions based on a broad educational background and consider issues from a variety of perspectives. In the Honors Program you will learn how to connect your field to other fields of study and, together, we will explore why these connections are important to make.

What courses will I take?

As an Honors student you may begin work in your major field much earlier and complete a double major if you wish. Choosing from a wide variety of courses, you will engage in several specially-designed interdisciplinary Honors courses. Teaching these courses is a select group of vigorous, creative, and enthusiastic faculty who view teaching and learning with a sense of wonder and adventure. When it comes to helping you develop your potential, the energy and excitement they produce is contagious! Honors scholars also complete a culminating thesis or final project.

Will I have to take more courses because I am in the Honors Program?

No. The Honors courses you will take are designed to provide a balanced liberal education and take the place of the usual liberal education requirements. No student in the Honors Program will be required to take more classes outside his or her major than they would if not enrolled in the Honors Program.

How large will my Honors classes be?

The Honors Program is the most selective program at Bemidji State University, so classes are usually small. Honors faculty work closely with Honors students at all times, and students often develop close bonds with faculty and other Honors students. Students describe the atmosphere of an Honors classroom as intense and exciting, but also informal and friendly. They describe their teachers as warm, humorous, caring, dedicated, open-minded, and expert.

What happens when I graduate?

Honors students who successfully complete their undergraduate study with a grade point average of 3.25 (in a 4.0 system) are given special recognition at commencement exercises. They wear the Honors stole with their academic robes and, if they qualify, are graduated cum laude, magna cum laude, or summa cum laude (with honor, with great honor, with highest honor), depending on their grade point average.

Are scholarships available?

Bemidji State University has an excellent record of helping students who need loans, grants, scholarships, or work-study funds to attend university. In fact, over 80 percent of the students attending Bemidji State University receive financial aid. Honors scholars automatically receive special consideration for scholarships, and many receive them.

Who can I contact for more information about the Honors Program at Bemidji State University?

Contact the Director of the Honors Program, by email: honors@bemidjistate.edu or phone: 218-755-3355.