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Honors application packages are evaluated holistically. This means that we do not have minimum requirements. Instead, community members are selected based on the combination of all pieces of the application: GPA, percentage of high school class, testing scores, and so forth. Thus, the letter of interest is a crucial component of your application because it shows us why you’d like to learn with us and what you believe you can contribute Honors.

Steps to apply:

  • Complete the Honors Program application.
  • Letter of Interest: in two to three paragraphs, outline why you want to join a community whose focus is on making interdisciplinary connections, championing academic excellence, and serving as future leaders in our communities. As you write, keep in mind our four program ideals: inquire, connect, transform, and share. What might you offer to this community and how do you believe the community might help you grow as a citizen-scholar.
  • You may copy and paste the statement into the online application or you may submit the statement via e-mail to

More information coming soon!

Our Program has recently undergone some major changes to ensure that interested students have the opportunity to engage with our community. As such, we’re revising our Program materials. We will post periodic updates as we are able.

In the meantime, to learn more about the BSU Honors Program, please contact

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