While challenging in scope, the Honors Program does not increase the number of credits required for graduation.

The Honors Program does not offer a major, a minor or a degree. Successful completion of the Honors requirements is noted on the student’s permanent transcript.

Graduating with Honors

No student may graduate from the Honors Program unless all Honors requirements are completed and unless the student’s cumulative grade point average at graduation is at least 3.25.

Honors scholars apply for graduation in the same manner as other students at the University but on forms especially prepared for the Honors Program. Honors Program Graduation forms may be secured at the Records Office.

As in all programs at Bemidji State University, it is the student who is ultimately responsible for meeting requirements for graduation. The Honors Council will keep Honors students informed of program regulations and assist the student in whatever way it can.

Honors graduates are given special recognition at commencement and wear the Honors hood with their academic robes.

Liberal Education and the Honors Program

Honors scholars are exempt from the Liberal Education requirements as long as they remain in the Honors Program. Honors scholars are responsible instead to provide breadth in their programs of study by meeting the requirements of the Honors core, by completing the required Honors courses, by completing the full-year College Writing sequence, and by completing the science requirement.

The Honors core allows considerably more flexibility in choice of courses than does Liberal Education. Specifically, a number of advanced courses, not allowed for credit toward Liberal Education requirements, may be used in the Honors core. Many courses which apply toward Liberal Education also apply to the Honors core. Please note, however, that students who leave the Honors Program before graduation become responsible for meeting Liberal Education requirements.

Courses taken to satisfy the Honors Program may not be taken on a Pass/No Pass basis.

One of the misconceptions about the Honors Program is that it increases the number of credits required for graduation. In actuality, the Honors Program requires no more credits than the Liberal Education core.

Worksheets comparing the Liberal Education requirements with the Honors Program requirements are available in the Honors Program office, HS 357.