High school seniors with strong academic records, college students with a cumulative grade point average of 3.25, and students who seek an intensive interdisciplinary learning experience with esteemed faculty are invited to apply.

(NOTE: Most students in the Honors Program graduated in the top 10 percent of their high school class and/or scored well on the ACT or SAT. If you are a student who did not score high in one of these areas but believes that Honors learning is important for you, please apply and make sure to address your continued interest in your personal statement.)

Upon being admitted to Bemidji State University, students interested in joining the Honors Program should fill out the application and statement of interest.

Required Skills

In order to be admitted to the Honors Program, every student should have the following basic skills:

  • An understanding of the English language in terms of structure and function;
  • Basic mathematics and reasoning skills;
  • An open mind and an abiding interest in developing your curiosity as a learner.

Honors scholars are to demonstrate their competency in these areas and in written communication, through a compilation of their course work, completion of a thesis/capstone project, and self-reflection exercises that are embedded across the Honors Program curriculum.


The number of incoming Honors scholars admitted each academic year is determined by the number of qualified applications received. All students who meet the qualifications will receive information about Honors and are encouraged to apply.