Call for Proposals


Conference Theme

This year’s theme, “20/20: Vision, Envision, Revision,” invites participants to consider the world as they see it now and as they hope to see it in the future. The process of moving between and around these three words has no direct path and is often messy. While proposals on all topics are welcome, possible thematic considerations might include:

  • How do we learn to embrace the “messy” as a part of our academic process? What roles do vision, envisioning, and revising play to help us negotiate the mess?
  • Echoing last year’s conference theme (Embracing Failure), when have you embraced failure to re-envision your way of thinking or doing in and about the world?
  • What is the role of vision, envisioning, and revision in the process of creating change? When have you been a part of a group that generated a significant change? What changes were made and why?
  • What biases prevent us from viewing the world with 20/20 vision?
  • How does the language of vision privilege sight? What communities are included or excluded in a discussion about vision? What does vision mean when applied to our other senses?
  • How do you envision the role of honors education in contemporary universities?
  • What service-learning, internships, or trips have you experienced that broadened your world view?
  • When facing a new project, how do you experience vision, envision, and revision? What do you do when you’re stuck on a project?

Bemidji State Honors Program students Megan Newberry, Grace Young, and Jordan Leith wait for a presentation to begin at the 2017 UMHC Conference at South Dakota State University.


General Session

This type of oral presentation can be led by one person or involve a combination of faculty, staff and students. General sessions can be 25 or 50 minutes and are traditionally focused on topics such as student research, class projects, honors advising, best practices in honors, experiential learning, or extracurricular opportunities.

Bemidji State Honors Program student Austin MacRae presents a poster at the 2018 UMHC Conference at Graceland University.

Poster Session

This is an opportunity for students, faculty, and staff to display original research or creative work in a visual form. Presenters will be responsible for printing and bringing their posters to the conference where they will be displayed during the poster showcase. The Idea Exchange will happen alongside the Poster Presentation session.

Bemidji State Honors Program student Sam Galatz shares pieces of his Senior Honors Thesis at the 2019 UMCH Conference at University of Wisconsin-Stout.

Idea Exchange

Taking a cue from National Collegiate Honors Conference (, the Idea Exchange provides an opportunity to share your unique ideas/approaches with the greater conference community in a less formal but energetic way. Unlike a formal presentation, you will be provided a table. Conference attendees will move from table to table to talk with the presenters. No media is provided. Handouts are encouraged. The Idea Exchange will happen alongside the Poster Presentation session.


Ready to submit your proposal? Call is now closed. 

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                                                 Proposals due February 18, 2020. 

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