Liberal Education

All undergraduate students at Bemidji State University must complete both a major and the Liberal Education program.

The 42-credit “Lib Ed” program is designed to equip students of all backgrounds and abilities with the knowledge, skills, values and confidence to understand and participate in our changing global society.

Most students complete their requirements in the first two years. Some courses, such as College Writing and Mathematics, should be taken during the freshman year.

Consult your academic advisor early and often to understand and plan your Liberal Education requirements.

Honors Program

The Honors Program is an alternative Liberal Education program that emphasizes an interdisciplinary academic curriculum. Honors students have a unique set of requirements and do not have to complete the standard Liberal Education program.

Available Classes

Lib Ed courses may be coordinated with a major, taken for a minor or field of emphasis, or used as general electives.

To search for available liberal education classes:

  1. Visit the online Class Schedule
  2. Term: Select the term desired
  3. Subject: Select “All Subjects”
  4. Location: Select “Campus” or “Distance” courses
  5. Liberal Education: Select the liberal education category that you are searching for
  6. Browse: After completing your selections, click “Browse”




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