2003/2004 ISSUE 7

June 2003 marked introduction of the new, sixth course "Social Work Theories and Methodologies"! There is a lot to explore in this important area of social work theory and practice, and our first symposium already pointed to the rich tapestry from which many valuable threads may surface in the future. It also marked first cancellation of the course Social Work and Spirituality, which we offer since 1989! Maybe there was a need for a time out, and a transition into a new stage!? All other original courses already underwent transformation, changing its emphases, content and title.

Also in June, we had our Editorial Board meeting. We had the opportunity to evaluate what was accomplished since 1997/98, and envision new developments. We plan to have two issues per year:

  1. Fall Issue will cover lectures from the following three courses:

    • Social Work Theories and Methodologies,
    • Social Work and Spirituality, and
    • Social Work with Children and Youth.

  2. Spring Issue will cover lectures from the remaining three courses:

    • Developing Neighborhood and Community Support Systems,
    • Social Work and Social Policies, and
    • Social Work with Juvenile Offenders.

Editorial Board members opted to publish three best lectures from each course! Each course is offered in the form of annual symposium, with some 7 – 10 lectures per course. Format and content of each and every course/symposium, are jointly defined by the course organizing and other directors, Resource Persons (Lecturers) and Participants, with a potential detour from the standard lecture format. Also, many professors use their previously published works as a source of information (handout). Thus, there is a possibility to have an excellent symposium without potential material for publication. At the same time, there is a possibility to have more than three excellent lectures prepared as an article for our journal.

Over the last four years we collected material for three solid books. This material will be utilized when need presents itself, that is when we don’t have desired number of original lectures/articles from each of our courses. Lectures offered several years ago by our long-term associate Ms. Regina Mueller, are published in the Fall 2003 issue of the journal, since a large number of our associates who work for different Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) have requested it.

We had the honor to have late Professor David Brandon with us in Dubrovnik two times! Shortly after illness took its course David sent us his excellent work entitled “Shaman?” with a brief note that we may make good use of it. As humble homage to a beautiful human being, deeply caring practitioner, daring explorer, human rights activist, brilliant author and wise teacher, we have included the article in this issue. Professor Brandon’s text points that “Our social work practice has fundamental difficulties suspended rather like Milton’s mankind between Heaven and Hell, but in our case between the individual and society. A Shamanic social work training would involve these various stages: Wounds, Empathy, Loving kindness, Rituals, Mindfulness, Mutual transformation”.

Excellent lectures/articles by three researchers (Dr. Flaker from Slovenia, Dr. Littlechild from England and Dr. Lurie from US/Norway), one young practitioner who started to attend our courses as a social work student (Ms. Bettina Stroebel), and one social work student (Ms. Barbara Yung) ponder some of the basic dilemmas Professor Brandon refers to. Such an excellent combination of new, fresh approaches to practice and theory, combined with years of experience, research and teaching, as well as the wisdom Professor Brandon kindly shared with us!



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