2003/2004 ISSUE 8

The spring issues of this journal are edited in Trondheim at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway, and draw on work from the symposia

  • Developing Neighborhood and Community
  • Social Work and Social Policies
  • Social Work with Juvenile Offenders

The content will as a result of this policy mirror the different topics worked on during the previous summer sessions. During the summer of 2003, the following topics were in focus at the symposia relevant for the spring issue in 2004:

  • Civic Disability (Kwame Owusu-Bempa)
  • Exploring Self-Reliance (Helene Hanssen, Horst Sing, Mari-Anne Zahl/Hans G. Eriksson)
  • Critical Theory and Practice in Youth Justice (Anita Jandric/Dalibor Dolezal/Aleksandar Budjanovac, Joe Yates)

Articles are submitted from UK, Germany, Norway, and Croatia. The articles cover a specter of related topics and perspectives. They reflect ideas, central issues and ways of thinking in the different countries. Each "organizing course director" is responsible for providing articles for the journal from the symposium s/he is involved in. Some of the presenters are invited to prepare their paper for publication and in that way communicate with a wider audience than the participants at Inter University Centre (IUC), Dubrovnik.

Readers who want to get familiar with IUC will find information at www.iuc.hr
IUC is internationally oriented and like to see participants from all over the world.

Mari-Anne Zahl
Editor for the spring issue



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