2004/2005 ISSUE 10

Participating in a symposium/course in Dubrovnik most likely gives a different experience to any other similarly described gathering taking place elsewhere. International conferences usually have many participants, last a couple of days, and present numerable papers and posters. They allow hardly any time for discussions between participants and feedback to the presenters. By contrast, the concept at the IUC stresses participation and involvement. We are all considered to be each other’s students. Joint sharing and learning is central.


Since the IUC is a place for international encounters in small groups, one is up against the unforeseen. The only given is that there will be surprises, new challenges, and an opportunity to discuss one’s ideas.


In view of the fact that participants spend a whole week together and that the classes are small, some might find it hard to put on hold their busy schedules from their normal hectic working days and engage in the here and now. Maybe the IUC offers an occasion that will stimulate your professional curiosity and provide an opportunity to enrich your colleagues through discussions in an unusual environment? Look up www.iuc.hr and see whether you find a proposal that suits you.


The articles presented here illustrate a variety in terms of content from three of the 2004 courses providing articles for the 2005 spring issue. These are:

  • Developing Neighborhood and Community Support Systems
    Articles by: Lawrence and Mwanzia; Wagner
  • Social Work with Juvenile Offenders
    Article by: Fox
  • Social Work and Social Policies: Social Security Facing Insecurity.
    Articles by: Sing and Hämäläinen; Brkic and Djuric; Krzyszkowski; Vornanen

Contributions are from Finland, Poland, Germany, UK, Serbia & Montenegro, and USA.

Mari-Anne Zahl

Editor for the Spring Issue



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