2006/2007 ISSUE 14

The fourteenth issue of the IUC Journal contains eight lectures from four courses delivered at the IUC Dubrovnik, Croatia from June 11 - 24, 2006:

  • three lectures from the Course SW with Children and Youth,
  • three lectures from the Course SW and Spirituality,
  • one lecture from the Course SW with Juvenile Offenders, and
  • one lecture from the new, 7th Course SW and Clinical Interventions.

At the beginning of the year 2007 I was in correspondence with Resource Persons whose lectures have been selected for the issue, including Prof.Dr. Brian Williams. Dr. Williams was one of the Course Directors for the Course SW with Juvenile Offenders. His 2006 participation at the IUC School reflected his passion for the field. He went beyond the call of duty, beyond delivering his lecture, actively participating in long dialogues about pertinent issues, state of the world and how it is reflected in our profession, the new journal that he started with a colleague in UK, the future of the Course SW with Juvenile Offenders, evaluation of the two symposia that he participated in, plans for the future. By doing so, Professor Williams reminded me of the year 1999 when we celebrated the 10th Anniversary of the School. Due to NATO intervention in Kosovo, region was rated as dangerous to visit. Many Colleagues did not come to Dubrovnik because of it, but Brian did. He offered his service beyond the call of duty, working diligently with other Course Directors so that we can accomplish academic goals in spite of unfortunate circumstance. Colleagues like Prof.Dr. Brian Williams made development and unique nature of the Inter-University Center for Postgraduate Studies, the IUC Dubrovnik possible.

At the end of March, Dr. Joe Yates new director for the Course SW with Juvenile Offenders sent a sad message, informing us that Dr. Brian Williams have passed away due to tragic accident. Colleague who spent most of his career introducing Community Justice and Victimology has left us way too early. In the Summer of 1985, at the world congress of victimology in Zagreb (Croatia), Prof.Dr. Burt Galaway and I met and developed a plan of action regarding development of a set of courses within the IUC Dubrovnik under the common denominator "School of SW Theory and Practice". Professors Galaway and Williams have a lot in common, in particular their passion for restorative justice, victim and offender rights, study of the nature and complexity of the juvenile offending, the important role community plays in the restorative process, ethical and moral issues that have to be considered in any society as part of its system, justice system in particular. Shortly after joining our School Dr. Williams proudly shared his experience as probation officer. Understanding reality and staying connected with it was his guiding principle. In many ways ahead of his time, Dr. Williams reminds us of the IUC legacy and its principles.

Also in March I received a letter from the IUC Director General Prof. Dr. Krunislav Pisk. In his letter to all IUC Associates Professor Pisk shares a proposal made last year by Prof.Dr. Hennig Sallig Olesen which contains recognition for the IUC-s unique past contribution and a need to integrate the IUC program into regular institutional credit validation: IUC activities have historically been extra-curricular, free activities for advanced students as well as senior scholars. In this way it has filled gaps in institutions, enabled independent and often oppositional positions, and contributed to dynamic and innovative academic developments which have in the second place immersed into ordinary research programs and curricular activities. Long before this initiative we recognized need for both: bold, creative, ahead of time kind of thinking as well as the "international credit transfer". As one of the several programs that continuously offered its annual academic program in spite of the war in the region, our School was among the first to return to Dubrovnik, to introduce electronic Journal when Internet was introduced in the year 1997, and to propose direct credit transfer among member universities.

In 1985, Dr. Galaway and I envisioned a set of eight (8) courses that will reflect the most relevant issues in the field of SW theory and practice, equally relevant to researchers, students and well established practitioners from all regions of the world. Coming June we will introduce the final, 8th course "Social Work and Deinstitutionalization", and in June 2009 we will celebrate our 20th Anniversary with a special conference. Many excellent associates - including late Prof.Dr. Brian Williams - mark history of the IUC School of SW Theory and Practice and their contribution will be recognized at the 20th Anniversary Conference. They oblige us to continue with our service to the profession and humanity.



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