2007/2008 ISSUE 16

From June 3 – 22, 2007 we staged seven courses of the IUC School of SW Theory and Practice. During the first week, as part of the Course SW Theories and Methodologies the final, eighth course was introduced by Dr. Vito Flaker, Dr. Shula Ramon and Dr. Rea A. Maglajlic’ Holicek. As of 2008, we anticipate eight courses and each issue of the Journal will cover four. We will continue to be open and flexible respecting context we operate in and its nature. At the end of each course/symposium evaluation was implemented and was taken into account as we selected lectures for publication. For the courses SW with Children and youth, Developing Neighborhood and Community Support Systems, SW and Spirituality and SW and Clinical Interventions, we had 47 participants from 12 countries/regions (alphabetically: Croatia, England, Germany, Holland, Kosova, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, New Zealand, Norway, South Africa and USA).

Dr. Kwame Owusu Bempah’s research, carried out over the past 15 years, points to a large number of 21st century children and youth who experience a sense or rootlessness and identity-confusion. While attachment theory is valuable, what is missing is socio-genealogical connectedness perspective. Article provides brief description while book “Children and Separation” (ISBN 978-0-415-3421-4) offers more complete report. Dr. Marlene Bock’s lecture and related article focus on alcoholism and its influence on families as well as how social work should involve the family members in professional work. Ana Bogdanic’ presented peace traditions among Roma people: “Roma, as a stateless nation, avoid the wars because of their usual position of being in between conflicting sides” while peace-making traditions are the essence of Roma survival. Mr. Tilo Fiegler and Ms. Monika Frank’s lecture uses as a starting point UNICEF statistics which indicate growing number of poor children in almost all European states, including Germany which is in the focus of this lecture/article. Mr. Martin Masar, a clinical director at Youthconnect International in Colorado, had two lectures for two different courses and emphasized positive influence of the enriched environment which supports treatment outcomes as well as children/youth development. Ms. Mirjana Mikic’ Zeitoun’s lecture and related article builds on the 2006 lecture/article reminding us of the great Edward W. Said’ legacy, using his essay “Clash of Ignorance” as a reminder how omnipresent and deep is our ignorance, and how important it is that we educate ourselves so that we can jointly build – and may I add simply have - a future! Dr. Ksenija Napan’s article/lecture reviews ways of researching, exploring and inquiring about spirituality in a non-dogmatic way. Dr. Djuka Stakic’ article describes ways and options to advance social status of the vulnerable groups in Serbia, including nongovernmental alternatives.

Courses provided a rich tapestry of ideas (theory) and experience (practice), and selected articles make a fine testimony to it.



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