1.1. Spiritually Sensitive Social Work: Key Concepts and Ideals

Edward Canda, Ph.D

Director of Ph.D. Program, School of Social Welfare

University of Kansas

Lawrence, Kansas


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1.2. Psychological Aspects of Reconciliation

Michael Striebel, Ph.D.

Director School for Social Work

Bregenz, Austria


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1.3. Social Work and Spirituality in an African Context

Therese Sacco, Ph.D.C.

WITS Research Institute

South Africa


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1.4. Creating Compassionate Community

Dr. Craig Rennebohm

Chaplain The Mental Health Chaplaincy

Seattle, USA


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1.5. Lessons Learned from Volunteer Work with Croatian and Bosnian Refugees - A U.S. Experience

Late Robert P. DelConte

Director San Felipe Del Rio Foundation & the IUC School Associate since 1989

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1.6 From Pathology to Participation: Reflections on Local Community Development Programs in Bosnia and Croatia and Prospects for the Future

Paul Stubbs, Ph.D.

Associate Senior Research Fellow - GASPP

University of Shefield, UK & STAKES

Helsinki, Finland


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1.7. The Neighborhood Center: A New Strategy for Survival in Bulgaria

Elka Todorova, Ph.D.

Professor at School of Social Work

Varna Free University & Researcher at Institue for Sociology BAS

Sofia, Bulgaria


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1.8. Some Possibilities on the Use of General Systems Theory and Thermodynamic Theory in the Development of Local Communities

Mladen Knezevic, Ph.D.

Professor of Social Work

School of SW

University of Zagreb, Croatia


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