11.1 Developing Strategies for Good Practice – Towards a meaningful   involvement of people using services and carers in social work education 

Carmel Byers,  University of Hertfordshire(UK)



11.2 Formation of the System of Evaluation of Social Welfare Progress in Slovenia

Nino Rode, School of SW, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

Barbara Kobal & Ljiljana Rihter, State Department Ljubljana, Slobvenia



11.3 Social Care Home Hrastovec, Trate – Dislocated Residential Units

Vito Flaker, Professional Director & Magdalena Zakelj, Social Worket



11.4 Conscience as the Essence and Condition of Human Consciousness: A Challenge to Survival at the Turn of the Century

Yves R. Nedeljkovic’, Prof. Dr.

EU Center for Peace (SCG)

E-mail: Yves-net@eunet.yu


11.5 Meta-ethics and Shamanism in the Age of Science

Igor Manenica, student – School of SW,

University of Zagreb (Cro)



11.6 From Existential Openness to Optimism

Silvija Visinski, Diploma SW Zagreb (Cro)



11.7 The Integration of Treatments that Work: Principles, Practices, and Applications

Martin Masar, Clinical Director Youth Connect International (CO/USA)



11.8 Teaching Parents to Reach the Inner World of the Child – An Evaluation of the Webster-Straton Parenting Program

Torll Tjelflaat,  Director and Jim Lurie, Researcher Samfunn, NTNU,  (Norway)

E-mail: &


11.9 Spirituality & Social Work Home Page Evaluation

Therese M. Sacco, Research Center SAR & Dada M. Maglajlic’ Professor BSU

E-mail: &



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