Spring 2009




Inter-University Center for Postgraduate Studies The IUC Dubrovnik, Croatia School of SW Theory and Practice Content The IUC Journal issue no. 18.

1. Multiculturalism in European Libraries as Isolated Meeting Islands for marginalized Group

Ana Bogdanic’ Ph.D. Student at School of Phylosophy University of Zagreb

2. : Youth Care in the Netherlands: on overview of government policy and program culture
Paul deHeer Program Director, Masterpleiding Pedagogiek, University in Nijmegen – Holland

3 : Process of Desecularization in Serbian Society – Religion in the School/s

Sabina Hadzibulic’Ph.D. Student, University of Belgrade, Serbia

4. Community, Kids and Crime

Jean Hine, Reader in Criminology Faculty of Health and Life Sciences DeMontfort University Leicester, England

5. On the Move and Out of Reach? – Challenges of Communication in 21st Century Communities

Dr. Mark Lawrence, Associate Professor, Political Science and Geography Department Bemidji State University Bemidji Minnesota, USA

6. Bullying in Schools – Understanding Bullying and How to Intervene Within Schools

Dr. Patricia Quistgaard, School Psychologist Bemidji Area Schools Bemidji – Minnesota, USA

7. Looking Back to Look Ahead – Abuse and Neglect of Children in Institutions

Torill Tjelflaat, Director, Regional Child Protection Research Unit NTNU Trondhein, Norway
Torbjorn Bolstad, Professor Sor – Trondelag University College Special Education and Child Welfare Program

8. The Impact of Multiculturalism on Social Work Practice and the Welfare State Reforms

Svetlana Trbojevik, Assistant Professor, University of Skopje Macedonia

9. Considerations about the concept of helping people in social need and the paradox of Good Samaritan

Dr. Joerg Zeller Professor Department of Education, Learning and Philosophy University of Aalborg



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