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20th Anniversary Conference, June 28 – July 4, 2009

In 1989 we started with the four courses, and these courses continue to be offered with a change of the course title for the two of them. The other four courses were introduced each three to five years. Our development was slowed down due to the war in the region. During our 10th Anniversary Conference in 1999 we reflected on it, the fact that the IUC building was completely destroyed, that we were the first to return to Dubrovnik after the siege of the Ancient City, and much more. The Conference was also affected by the NATO intervention in Kosovo, and NATO planes were flying literary over our heads as we worked on the “Towards a Peaceable Community” text as our orientation for the future document (to be found in the IUC Journal of SW Theory and Practice., issue no.3). Journal can be accessed free of charge at:

Courses are listed in the sequence as developed:

  1. Social Work and Spirituality,
  2. Social Work with Children and Youth,
  3. Developing Neighborhood and Community Support Systems (introduced as Foster Care as an Alternative to Institutional Care),
  4. Social Work and Social Policy (introduced as Social Work and Social Welfare in the Nordic Region),
  5. Social Work with Juvenile Offenders,
  6. Social Work Theories and Methodologies,
  7. Social Work and Clinical Interventions, and
  8. Social Work and Deinstitutionalization.

In the Spring of 2009, we will be celebrating 20th anniversary with a Conference which will take place at the IUC in Dubrovnik, Croatia. Conference will provide opportunity to reflect on the past, evaluate present, and make plans for the future. It will enable us to visit with each other. We have an excellent directors’ team and a group of devoted lecturers who attend our program every year and/or biannually. Since we offer in principle two courses per week, we seldom have the opportunity to meet all our associates. Conference will enable us to visit and share, to celebrate and critically evaluate, to support and challenge as we continue to provide service to our profession.

If you have suggestions and/or proposals, if you have any questions, if you would like to learn more about the 20th Anniversary Conference please contact Prof.Dr. Dada M. Maglajlic’ School Organizing Director at



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