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Inter-University Center Dubrovnik

School Of SW Theory and Practice

2008 Academic Program



Issues number 17. and 18. of the IUC Journal of SW Theory and Practice contain selected lectures from the eight courses offered from June 1 – 28, 2008 at the IUC Dubrovnik, Don Frana Bulica 4, Croatia. Regarding specific information about academic program for each of the courses and/or to obtain E-version of a particular lecture please contact corresponding Organizing or Guest Directors:



1.     SW Theories and Methodologies

Symposium “Redesigning Social Work  – Use of professional knowledge, theories and research to create, improve and evaluate strategies, concepts and methods”

Organizing Director: Prof.Dr. Brian Littlechild (E-mail: b.littlechild@herts.ac.uk )


2.     SW and Deinstitutionalization

Symposium “Deinstitutionalization: Old and new walls and stakeholders”

Organizing Director: Prof.Dr. Vito Flaker (E-mail: vito.flaker@fsd.uni-;j.si )


3.     SW and Social Policies

Symposium “Social Justice – Cultural Impacts and Constraints”

Organizing Director: Prof.Dr. Mari-Anne Zahl (E-mail: mari.zahl@svt.ntnu.no )


4.     SW with Juvenile Offenders

Symposium “Critical Research in Youth Justce: Power, Knowledge, Ethics, Rights”

Organizing Director: Dr. Joe Yates (E-mial: J.Yates1@ljmu.ac.Uk )


5.     Developing Neighborhood and Community Support Systems

Symposium “On the Move and Out of Reach?

                      Challenges of Communication in 21st Century Communities”

Guest Director: Dr. Mark Lawrence (E-mail: majnunlaila@hotmail.com )


6.     SW with Children and Youth

Symposium “Children/Youth and the World of Violence”

Organizing Director: Prof.Dr. Dada M. Maglajlic (E-mail: dmaglajlic@bemidjistate.edu )


7.     SW  and Spirituality

Symposium “Human and Spiritual Resources and SW Interventions –

                      Spiritual, Faith and Religious Traditions & Global Peace Efforts”

Organizing Director: Dr. Dada M. Maglajlic’ (E-mail: dadam@paulbunyan.net )


8.     SW and Clinical Interventions

Symposium “Alternative Services in Social Protection”

Guest Director: Dr. Alexandar Bodiroza (E-mail: bodiroza@unfpa.org )



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