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 Social Work and Deinstitutionalisation
Course Directors (alphabetically):
Course Organizing Director:
Dr. Vito Flaker, Slovenia
Dr. Dada M. Maglajlic', Cro/USA
Dr. Rea A. Maglajlic-Holicek, Wales
Dr. Shula Ramon, UK
Dr. Lorenzo Toresini, Italy
Dr. Vito Flaker, Dean
University of Ljubljana, Faculty for Social Work
Phone: +386 1 2809244, fax.: +386 1 2809270

Course Description:

Deinstitutionalisation has been an issue in many fields of working with people. It has been part of many changes of professional landscape. Not only has it had changed locus of the professional work, but also its organisation, methods as well as epistemological position. Social work has always played a prominent part in establishing responses to the people in distress in the community and in the processes of resettling the residents of big institutions into ordinary, independent ways of living. Deinstituitonalisation has become central to the current work of social workers. However, it has seldom been topic of its own leaving the degree of awareness haphazard and variable, sometimes even lacking. The aim of the course is to explore the realities of the deinstitutionalisation in different settings (different countries, different institutions, different sectors), to create a scientific base for the deinstitutionalisation and to promote successful strategies and skills. We will address issues as history of total institution/s, critical analysis of closed systems, political and organisational impacts and influences, specific organisational skills and methods required in working with users as well as staff and wider audiences. We will try to learn about stories, experiences and careers of people in institutions, and moving out of them. We will seek the answers to the question what needs to be done to prevent mini instituionalisation and transinstitutionalisation in the community. Starting point of our course will be mental health but we will also address the issue in the areas of working with elderly, learning disabilities, prisons, young offenders, physical illness and others. We will relate to the scientific and professional role changes in other disciplines (health, medicine, education, law, organisation etc.).

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