The IUC Dubrovnik School of SW Theory and Practice consists of six courses. Each course offers an annual program in a form of a postgraduate level symposium! Resource Persons (Lecturers) make important contributions to the learning of participants by preparing a formal paper, making a presentation, and being available the entire week to interact formally and informally with other lecturers and participants.

Typically, our courses have from 15-30 participants. Ideally we like to have three groups more or less equally represented: faculty and/or researchers, well established practitioners and students. English is the official language of the School, but this is often a second or third language for many of the participants. Interpreters are not provided by the IUC, but participants may arrange such service locally and/or come to Dubrovnik with them. Thus, it is particularly important that your presentation be at a pace that can be followed by persons for whom English may be a second, and/or third language.

Minimum five resource persons are scheduled for each course/symposia. Thus, an entire day is spent considering the lecture presented by each resource person. Typically, the lectures are presented in the morning with a 2.5 hour scheduled for the lecture including time for questions and answers and dialogue by the entire group of participants. In the afternoon, participants break into small groups to discuss the lecture and to formulate questions they would like to raise with the lecturer. Lecturers are expected to provide four or five key questions, based on their lecture, to be used by a small group to guide their discussion. At the end of the afternoon, the entire group of participants will reassemble to hear reports from the small groups, pose additional questions and expand on the topic by sharing personal ideas and experience.

In summary, as a resource person you will be expected to:

  1. Prepare a lecture that is suitable for publication and bring 15 - 25 copies of your paper to Dubrovnik.
  2. Develop four or five discussion questions based on your lecture and supply the questions to the course directors at least thirty days ahead of the course.
  3. Present a lecture as part of the annual symposia; we will schedule minimum one hour and at most 2.5 hours for the lecture.
  4. Be available the entire week of the course/symposia. Interaction between sessions is as important as the lecture itself.

Unfortunately, the IUC does not have resources to cover travel and other costs for course directors, resource persons, or participants. The IUC recommends to use Gulliver Travel agency services regarding accommodation in Dubrovnik and travel throughout the region: O.S. Radica 32, 20000 Dubrovnik Croatia Tel 385 20 410 816 (817) Fax: 410 899 E-mail:

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