This course works in conjunction with the second tier of courses offered in the Special Education Licensure Program. At Tier 2, field experiences are required at the elementary and middle school level. This course is used to document the hours that the candidate has logged in at the practicum site. In addition, the teacher candidate is required to attend webinars with topics related to the field of special education. The webinars also involve the coach that the candidate has been working with at the practicum site. One purpose of this course is to increase the communication between the candidate, the coach, and the university. The special education courses provide the candidate with theory and background information necessary to be an effective educator and to meet the Special Education Standards required by the Minnesota Department of Education. The inclusion of the coach in the conversation allows the candidate to see the connection of theory to best practice in a school setting. Prerequisites: Completion of all Tier 1 courses: SPED 5105, SPED 5600, SPED 5640, SPED 5650, and SPED 5715; and ED 5201. Corequisites: Can be taken concurrently with Tier 2 courses SPED 5620, SPED 5630, SPED 6603, and/or SPED 6608, whichever is/are the last course(s) to be completed in Tier 2.