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Some Extended Learning courses will be opened to all students (on and off campus) for registration on Nov 20th. Tuition for undergraduate courses, with the exclusion of most travel courses, is banded (12-18 credits). Some programs/courses are approved for differential tuition, this charge is in addition to the tuition rate. Please review your charges on your fee statement in e-Services.
ID Dept. Crs. Sect. Title Cr. Days Time Location Instructor Md. Size  
185531 OJIB 1112 01 Elementary Ojibwe II 4 MT HF 10:00am - 10:50am AIRC 127 Treuer, Anton 10/40 books
185532 OJIB 2212 01 Intermediate Ojibwe II 4 MT HF 1:00pm - 1:50pm AIRC 128 Treuer, Anton 4/40 books
185533 OJIB 3312 01 Advanced Ojibwe II 4 MT HF 12:00pm - 12:50pm AIRC 128 Treuer, Anton 6/30 books

Media Types - These codes help students understand how classes are structured.
BLND - Blended/Hybrid: 25-75% of instruction is online with regularly scheduled in-person meetings.
ITV - Interactive Television
ONL - Completely Online: 100% of the instruction is online.
ONLP - Mostly Online : >75% of instruction is online with up to two possible in-person meetings.

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