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Courses are charged a per credit tuition rate. Some programs/courses are approved for differential tuition, this charge is in addition to the base tuition rate. Please review your charges on your fee statement in e-Services.
ID Dept. Crs. Sect. Title Cr. Days Time Location Instructor Md. Size  
191160 SOC 1104 90 Society & Social Issues 3 NA Ambikar, Rucha ONL 5/25 books
Course begins 5/9 and ends 7/27.
191161 SOC 2230 90 Race & Ethnic Relations 3 NA Ambikar, Rucha ONL 15/25 books
Course begins 5/9 and ends 7/24.
191162 SOC 2925 90 People & Env: Soc Persp 3 NA Norris-Raynbird, Carla ONL 15/25 books
Course begins 5/9 and ends 5/23.

Media Types - These codes help students understand how classes are structured.
BLND - Blended/Hybrid: 25-75% of instruction is online with regularly scheduled in-person meetings.
ITV - Interactive Television
ONL - Completely Online: 100% of the instruction is online.
ONLP - Course has proctored exams or up to two in-person meetings.

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