BSU 101


Meet Mekenzy — who will be a sophomore at Bemidji State this fall. For the next few weeks, she and a few of her friends will be your guide through BSU 101!

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Week one

Welcome to BSU 101!  Last summer, Mekenzy was just like you – looking forward to her freshman year of college with lots of questions.  You’ll hear tips for living with roommates, the Bemidji Community, the many ways to get involved, and you’ll even meet some of the people who are here to help you define your success.


This week Tess will tell you a bit about getting ready to live with a roommate and the selection process.  For more information on the step by step process, visit the Residential Life & Housing Website by clicking here.


Student Success Center is located in Decker Hall.  They are here to support you, in your individual goals.  Along with Decker Hall, there are many more places and people to meet that are here to cheer you on.


Not only are you a part of the BSU Community, but the City of Bemidji community as well.  Learn more about your new city for the next few years!

Week five

A commitment to celebrating diversity and inclusion is a priority at BSU.  Immerse yourself in a diverse environment by making new connections, building relationships and exploring the history and world around you.


Meet Josey, the Associate Director of Hobson Memorial Union, who will share information on nearly 90 clubs and organizations you can join as a BSU Student.  Also, get the inside scoop from the Corq App!


WEEK seven

When you’re not in the A.C. Clark Library, classes, club meetings, or tutoring sessions stay mentally and physically healthy by taking advantage of our Wellness Center.  Morgan shares a sneak peek at some of the ways to be active.



While at BSU, you’ll make connections, build relationships and explore the world around you.  Your attitude counts, and will impact your time at BSU inside and outside the classroom.  Nicole has some great information tips for your consideration.


A program designed around you, for you!  The Beaver Success Program provides you with one extra person in your corner to help you navigating your first year at BSU.   Not sure where to go, who to see, or what to do? No worries, your one stop shop of a coach is there for you.

week ten

We’re here! It’s time to move-in, meet your roommate, and get oriented. We’ve got activities lined up from now, until the end of time… well, technically orientation weekend, but we still have events, athletic events, concerts and art galleries galore planned throughout the year..

View the full Orientation Schedule:

Can’t wait to see you on campus!