BSU 101


Meet Josie — a mass communication major from Duluth who will be a sophomore at Bemidji State this fall. For the next few weeks, she’ll be your guide through BSU 101!

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Part 1: Welcome to BSU 101!

June 5 — Welcome to BSU 101! Last summer, Josie was just like you – looking forward to her freshman year of college with lots of questions. You’ll hear some tips for living with roommates, learn some ways to get involved on campus, get a look at the city of Bemidji, and a lot more!

Part 2: Roommates

June 12 — This week on BSU 101, Josie will tell you a bit about getting ready to live with a new roommate! Room assignments will be announced in mid-June, and roommates will be announced in mid-July. Watch your BSU student email!


June 19 — This week on BSU 101, Meet Nina Johnson, Director of the Hobson Memorial Union, who will share some information on more than 80 clubs and organizations you can join as a BSU student!

PART 4: Student resources

June 26 — This week on BSU 101, Sterling will share with you some of the offices in Decker Hall, and how they support students in their individual goals.  Along with Decker Hall, there are many more places and people to meet that are here to cheer you on.

PART 5: Professionalism

July 10 — Meet Dr. Debbie Guelda, professor of Biology.  While at BSU, you’ll make connections, build relationships and explore the world around you. Your attitude counts, because it’s also a time for you to have fun and enjoy the opportunities found in a diverse environment.

PART 6: Bemidji Community

July 17 — Not only are you a part of the BSU Community, but the City of Bemidji’s community as well.  Learn more about your new city for the next four years.

part 7: Seamless transitions

July 31 – While your earning your degree, attending BSU is also part of discovery, and finding your place in the world.  Find your “Best You @ BSU!”

Part 8: Top 10 things that you should know

Meet several faces that you’ll see on campus when you arrive August 18th!

One of the last messages from BSU 101 are the “Top Ten Tips from last years, first year students.