BSU 101

We hope that you are excited to be coming to BSU and are enjoying your summer!  We want to introduce you to BSU through some videos this summer that will provide you with a little information about our campus, the community, things to look forward to, and about what it’s like to be a student at BSU.

BSU 101

For our first video, I’d like to introduce you to Mekenzy and Holly who will be with us throughout our BSU 101 videos. Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram, Twitter, or on Facebook (or all three!)

Living On Campus

Planning to live on campus this year?!  Our next video has a little information about living on campus and how to apply if you haven’t yet.

The Bemidji Community

Want to learn a little more about the surrounding Bemidji area?

Club Sports

Want to see more about Club and Org activities? Follow the HMU @hobsonunion on Facebook or @BSUHobsonUnion on Instagram and Twitter!

Health and fitness

Want to see more about health and fitness activities? Follow the Gillett Wellness Center @bsuwellnesscenter on Facebook or @bsucampusrecreation on Instagram!

Gillett Wellness Center
Outdoor Program Center

10 Things

BSU 101 has an exciting video with 10 Things You Should Know about being a student at BSU from faculty and staff from around campus. Don’t forget you can see all the happenings at BSU by following us on social media @bemidjistate!



Have you heard of the Beaver Success Coach program?  Meet Jon as he tells you all about this fantastic opportunity: