Anna Knowles

Name: Anna Knowles, junior
Hometown: Annandale, MN
Major: Business Administration, Management

Hi! My name is Anna Knowles, currently I am a Junior in Business Administration with a Management emphasis and also a minor in Communication Studies. I am from Annandale, MN (an easy way to remember my name) which is about 3.5 hours South of here. Seven of eight of my mom’s siblings went to BSU, I never did feel pressured to come up here to go to school but after visiting it was hard to not want to come. I loved the small campus and how I would be living where people come to vacation (in the summer at least). I work in Admissions, as well as in Target in the Tech department. I love traveling, and actually spent spring semester of sophomore year in Barcelona, Spain where I took Business classes, traveled on the weekends, and spent too much money. I am so excited to keep traveling and learning as I go! I also volunteer at Great River Rescue, which is an animal shelter in Bemidji, I love animals and it is a great way to play with animals until I can get one of my own. I really enjoy living here in Bemidji and all it has to offer, and am so excited to talk to you about my home!