Chloe Hannay

Name: Chloe Hannay, junior
Hometown: Maple Grove, MN
Major: English

Hello! My name is Chloe Hannay and I am a junior at Bemidji State University. Although I have changed my major many times (5 times) I am currently working towards my BA in English. I moved around quite a bit in my youth, but I call Maple Grove, MN home which is just outside of the twin cities. I can usually be found trying to escape reality whether that be reading a book, day dreaming, watching movies or playing games on my computer (I have logged over 1,300+ hours online). My favorite TV show of all time is Psych but there are a few that are close behind. Reading is probably my favorite thing hence the English major, but I prefer fantasy to the classics. I also do not have social media of any kind because I prefer to find out about people in person, so I can see them for who they really are. I currently volunteer at the Sanford hospital in town however since I am squeamish I stay strictly in the gift shop. I will be studying abroad in Sweden spring 2019 and am super excited to experience something completely new. Family is also a huge part of my life so when I say that the admissions office is like my family away from home I mean it!