Jackson Galstad

Jackson Galstad sitting on a bench in front of treesHello everybody, my name is Jackson Galstad. I am originally from East Grand Forks Minnesota, which is only about 2 hours west of Bemidji. This is my senior year here at Bemidji State University! I am a Political Science major with an emphasis in Pre-Law. I am also minoring in Criminal Justice and International Relations.  

I chose to attend Bemidji State University for many reasons. One of my main reasons for coming here revolves around the endless number of outdoor activities. Growing up, hunting and fishing were always big parts of my life. From learning the basics of hunting, to tying a hook on a line, I have always felt at home when enjoying the outdoors. Bemidji State University is surrounded by many forests which make hunting and hiking very accessible. Bemidji State University is also surrounded by over 400 lakes within a 30-mile radius, with all sorts of varied species of fish to choose from.  

I think that another very impactful aspect of BSU would be the connections you will make here. I have made some of my closest friends through my first year of living in the dorms and finding people that share common interests and goals throughout the courses I have taken. Another fantastic way to meet new people with common interests and goals would be through clubs. I am currently a student leader in the Pre-Law Club. Through this club, I have made good friends, valuable connections, and have gotten to know one of my professors better as well.  

I really do enjoy talking with other people, especially when it comes to sharing all the fun and unique experiences that I have already had here at BSU.  

I can’t wait to see you on tour! Better yet, I can’t wait to run into you when you’re walking to class in the upcoming years!