Matt Cizek

Matt Cizek in front Lake BemidjiHey everyone! My name’s Matt and I am a freshman here at BSU after transferring from college in Berlin, Germany. I am originally from the Czech Republic. One of the reasons why I chose BSU in 2021 was the fact that they were offering in-person classes which was never offered to me before because of covid. Even though I never got the chance to tour the campus in person I quickly came to love it. Bemidji is all about outdoors and given the proximity to the lake makes it one-of-a-kind campus.  

My majors are Business Administration and Sports Management. In my free time I enjoy biking in summer and downhill skiing in winter. I also play hockey here at BSU! I live in Birch Hall here on campus and I must say I really enjoy the fact that it is directly connected to the academic buildings via the tunnels so I can go straight from my room to the classroom when I don’t feel like walking outside. I am looking forward to seeing you at the tour!