Erin is one of hundreds of BSU students who have taken Outdoor Program Center trips that get them out into wild places, learn skills and make new friends.


Our goal is to show students that their needs to be a balance in our lives. That balance is taking time for yourself, by being active and healthy.

What the OPC offers is a way to not only build skills you may not know you have, but an alternative active life.

I have seen so many students completely change their way of life, and develop long last friendships, healthy life styles, as well as building the balance in their that allows them to be the most successful person they cam be.


201603-OPC-Ice Fishing

This winter, Umesh and other BSU international students joined the Outdoor Program Center for a taste of true North Woods culture — ice fishing.

20160309-OPC-Ice Climbing

Trevor has become active in most Outdoor Program Center activities during his time at BSU, including annual ice-climbing trips to Duluth.

20160309-OPC-Spring Break Moab

Maddy takes full advantage of BSU’s Outdoor Program Center, including its annual Spring Break adventure in Moab, Utah.