201609-Fall HCLS-Miriam Webber

Miriam Webber explores the relationship between the compositional practice known as serialism and Russian composer Shostakovich’s reluctance to follow its strict guidelines at her Nov. 14 Honors Council Lecture.

201609-Fall HCLS-Larry Swain

Dr. Larry Swain explored the influences on the writings of Old English author Ælfric of Eynsham at his Oct. 27 Honors Council lecture.

201609-Fall HCLS-Daniel Guentchev

Dr. Daniel Guentchev explored the cultural and educational role of the arts in a society which increasingly questions their necessity as part of his Oct. 11 Honors Council lecture.

201609-Fall HCLS-Marty Wolf

University Scholar Dr. Marty J. Wolf explored the challenges of managing a secure information technology infrastructure while at the same time respecting the principles of academic freedom at his  Oct. 5 lecture.

20160909-New Faculty-Intro

Obed Nyaribo, an assistant professor of business administration, is one of nearly 20 new faculty members who joined the BSU campus community this fall.

20160909-New Faculty-Mike Mastin

“As a BSU alumni and current chief of police for the Bemidji Police Department, I am excited to have a role in educating the next generation of criminal justice professionals.” — Mike Mastin Criminal Justice

20160909-New Faculty-Mitch Blessing

“Having recently been a business owner, I’m thrilled to be contributing to this cutting-edge department, one which is at the crossroads of many exciting industries and opportunities for our students.” — Mitch Blessing The TAD School

20160909-New Faculty-Christina Marietti

“I am excited to be teaching at BSU because I love to know that I am helping to teach and guide future educators.” — Christina Marietti Professional Education

20160909-New Faculty-Cliff Li

“I am super excited to be an educator for people who are eager to learn and prepare to change the world from a small town.” — Dr. Cliff Li Business Administration