201701-BSUMagazine-Class Notes

Naomi Hynes ’08 teaches piano and violin at her studio in Bellevue, Wash. Learn more about the Naomi and her husband Alvin, a 2005 BSU alum, and dozens of other BSU alumni in Class Notes.

201701-BSUMagazine-Kenneth Bentley

Kenneth Bentley launched his career in photography by specializing in portraiture, work that allowed him to play with details and lighting to capture the humanity of his subjects.

201701-BSUMagazine-Dale Greenwalt

Each summer, Dr. Dale Greenwalt travels from his home in Maryland to northwest Montana, where he works to unearth long-lost life forms.

201701-BSUMagazine-Leah Pigatti

Leah Pigatti launched her career as a Head Start teacher in 1978, helping adults make their children proud by being the best parents they could be.

201701-BSUMagazine-Marketing for a Cause

A new member of the BSU Alumni & Foundation team is excited about finding win-win opportunities for businesses to market themselves while enriching the learning experience for BSU students.


The Fall/Winter 2016 edition of Bemidji State University magazine is reaching mailboxes across the country. Revisit President Hensrud‘s inauguration and more in this issue.

201701-Spring HCLS-John Ellis

Dr. John Ellis, assistant professor of history, will share his study of Methodist “knock ’em down” ministry by circuit preachers who spread the Gospel from the late 1790s into the 1820s.

201701-Spring HCLS-Lori Peterson

Civil rights attorney Lori Peterson will deliver an Honors Council Lecture as the keynote address for a BSU-sponsored conference on gendered ideology and practice on March 23.

201701-Spring HCLS-Michael Anderson

Dr. Michael Anderson, BSU’s interim provost, will share his study of the U.S. Constitution and discuss the ongoing search for balance in its interpretation during his March 7 lecture.