Sabrina, a Mass Communication major, is on the Headwaters Film Festival programming team and is one of four students who will emcee this year’s festival.


Keith Harris, who plays Harlan Carson in season 6 of “The Walking Dead,” will join the festival via Skype for a conversation with students on Thursday.


Shannon, a Marketing Communications major, helped design magician wands and other promotional items as part of the promotions team for this year’s festival.


Ahmad Saleh‘s tale of two brothers engulfed in war, a Student Academy Award Gold Award winner, is one of many international films being screened at BSU’s Headwaters Film Festival, March 30–31.


BSU student Judson has helped produce this year’s festival and he has three films with friend and collaborator Will Nordstrom in this year’s Minnesota Student Film Competition.


In total, Aaron and other BSU students shared more than 40 photos of their #BeaverBreak17 adventures with us, and we’ve saved some of our favorites.


Matt and his friends spent their Spring Break hanging around in Utahs’ Zion National Park. He shared his photo with us on Instagram.


Rikki is going to remember #BeaverBreak17 as the time she had her wisdom teeth removed. She shared her pic with us on Instagram.


Toni went to Texas, where she stood midfield in the Dallas Cowboys’ AT&T Stadium. She shared her photos with us on Instagram.


Christa spent her Spring Break as a staff member at EXHIBITORLive, a trade show for exhibit designers in Las Vegas. She shared her photos with us on Twitter.