We asked students to share their Spring Break adventures with us on social media. Baylee and her friends visited Delicate Arch in Utah. Check out the other circles for more!


Dr. Andrew Hafs and his Intro to Biology students recently explored Lake Bemidji from the Hardwater Ice Lab with support from Beaver Athletics and BSU Alumni & Foundation.


“Sitting in a lab, it would have been kind of boring to just hear about this. Actually being out there and being able to do stuff is a lot more fun.” — Jake sophomore; Aitkin, Minn.


Madison, a sophomore from Andover, Minn., says that with a permanent ice lab, BSU biology students would be able to do more testing and learn about Lake Bemidji.


“It was hands-on experience with stuff I have never done before. I thought that was pretty cool and I think it’s something unique to Bemidji.” — Cameron freshman; Hudson, Wis.


“You can’t do this in a lab. Being able to go out on the lake was interesting, and we actually got to do the experiments ourselves.” —Ali sophomore; Mahtowa, Minn.


“It’s nice having a lake right next to the college and not have to get on a bus and drive 45 minutes. You can just walk outside and go on the ice.” — Adam sophomore; Sacred Heart, Minn.

201702-Res Life-Staff Support

Oak Hall resident and prospective resident assistant Rebecca has been inspired by her own RAs who “go out of their way to see how you are doing or just to have a conversation with you.”

201702-Res Life-Community

“Going through a rough patch is much easier because most of my friends live nearby — so they’re always there if I need a safety net.” — Sam, Birch Hall