201806-Only in MN—Paul and Babe

They’re on the National Register of Historic Places and are one of the most-photographed landmarks in America. Our statues of Paul Bunyan & Babe are a can’t-miss attraction.

201806–Only in MN—True North Bemidji

It’s no secret that the city of Bemidji, capital of Minnesota’s beautiful north woods, offers unlimited opportunity and outstanding quality of life. We are True North.

201806–Only in MN—MN Best Town

In 2017, Minnesota Monthly confirmed what we’ve always known — Bemidji is Minnesota’s Best Town. Why? Explore the other circles and see!

201806–Only in MN—Shaynowishkung

Bemidji shares its name — taken from the Ojibwe phrase Bay-mi-ge-ga-maug, “lake with river running through” — with Shaynowishkung, known as “Chief Bemidji.”