2018328-SAC Barcenas

For multiple years, Bemidji State students Jon Barcenas and Aili Kultala have conducted waste audits of Hagg-Sauer Hall. They will share their findings and recommendations during this year’s Student Achievement Day.

20190328-SAC Graves

Serena Graves, a sophomore indigenous studies major, will present her research on Native American students navigating academia and learning the Ojibwe language. Hundreds of students will join her in sharing their own research during the conference. 

20190328-SAC Student Keynote

Anna Corradi, BSU sophomore and 2019 recipient of the Bemidji State University Award of Excellence in Academic Achievement, will give a 15-minute presentation following the guest keynote speaker.

20190328-2019 Keynote

Dr. Ed Galindo, faculty member at the University of Idaho and associate director for education and diversity at the NASA Idaho Space Grant Consortium, will speak at 9 a.m. during the conference’s kick-off breakfast. 

20190328- SAC open

Over 250 Bemidji State University students will present their academic achievements during the 20th annual Student Achievement Conference on April 3.

20190325 – HWFF Anna Ludwig

German actor and director Anna Ludwig was a finalist at the 2nd Moscow Short International Film Festival for her film “Morgan Kommt Kein Weinachtsmann” that will be shown during the festival.

20190325 – HWFF Justin Ewart

Justin Ewart, full-stack web developer, graphic designer and consultant at Ewart Media, will present as the featured guest speaker.

20190325 – HWFF Open

Hold onto your seats as the great Tyrannosaurus Rex fills Deputy Hall on March 27-28 for Bemidji State University’s Jurassic Park-themed Headwaters Film Festival.

20190325 – HWFF Shawn

Shawn, and fellow-student Michele Witkin, directed the film “We See You,” a mental health awareness initiative started by Bemidji State students.

20190325 – HWFF Kale

BSU junior Kale wrote and directed a short film entitled “Coping with College” that looks into the lives of four zany college students.