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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

5:30pm - Sustainable Tuesday
Permaculture Series, Planning Spaces with Jerry Stensing and Diana Kuklinski. Beat the cold with us as we prepare for new projects this year. Join us as Jerry Stensing, founder of trees of Minnesota, coaches us in selecting trees and shrubs that do well in our area. He will help us understand how to best plan and set goals for our spaces, and teach us about some of the things we should consider regarding specific site locations and climate change. We will keep last month's discussion, ideas, and goals for the Rail River Folk School in mind and use a three dimensional model map of the RRFS campus to stimulate the way light conditions impact the choices we make for our sites. This hands-on event will help us determine which plant guilds we would like to integrate into RRFS. Be part of this living design! The 3D map will help us envision the placement of a number of features including natural foods and fiber landscaping, social areas, an herb spiral, water catchment, energy harvesting, and other elements we have discussed in earlier sessions.
Rail River Folk School
Open to the public.