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Thursday, January 10, 2013

3:00pm - Academic Affairs Spring Semester Start-Up Meeting
Academic affairs will host a one hour spring semester start-up meeting to welcome everyone back and to share a DRAFT Master Academic Plan for Bemidji State University. Academic departments began working on 3 year directional documents early in the fall to help design that plan. Those documents are now posted on the J drive in the academic deans’ folder, and they are being reviewed in preparation for a two day deans’ council retreat at the end of this week. Out of that retreat (and after extensive editing/proofing) will come a DRAFT Master Academic Plan for the university. We hope to have that draft MAP in your hands via email and posted on the web prior to the start-up meeting so that the meeting time can be used for comments, questions, clarification, sharing of information and etc. However, it’s not a promise since there is a holiday break, and we all anticipate some down time with family and friends. Enjoy the ending of the fall semester, the snowfall, and the upcoming holiday break!
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