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Born in Paynesville, MN and grandson of a long-serving Minnesota public schools physical educator (the late Philip Ford), Guy Le Masurier, PhD has a strong connection to Minnesota and the field of physical education. Guy’s passion for the field of physical education is reflected by his scholarship, service, professional and personal activities. Guy’s research focuses on physical activity measurement and promotion with children and adolescents. In addition to publishing dozens of papers on physical activity measurement and promotion, Guy was a co-author of the Physical Activity Guidelines for Children published by the National Association for Sport and Physical Education.

As the epidemiology section editor for AAHPERD’s flagship academic journal, Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport (RQES), and the health foundations section editor for the International Journal of Physical Education, Guy serves the profession and promotes evidence-based practice in our field. In the past three years, Guy has had the opportunity to co-author Fitness for Life: Middle School (Human Kinetics) and Fitness for Life: Elementary School (Human Kinetics) with exceptional, award-winning physical educators including Chuck Corbin, Dolly Lambdin and Meg Greiner. Most importantly, Guy is part of what he likes to call the “Movement Movement” and walks the talk in his personal and professional life. Currently, Guy is a professor of Sport, Health & Physical Education at Vancouver Island University in Canada where he teaches both theory and activity-based courses. His morning kayaks to work, vegetable farming and community-based research sustain his connection to the people and places that support physical activity and health. He lives on Protection Island in Nanaimo, British Columbia with his wife Jodi and cat Abigail. Jodi and Guy serve their island community as members of the volunteer fire department, and as organizers of physical activity events and environmental sustainability projects.